Types of Glass for Exterior Doors

Types of Glass for Exterior Doors

Regarding the matter of exterior doors, look is just as vital as capacity. How a door looks can incredibly improve the look of a home outside and inside. Numerous individuals want three things from an exterior door; security, energy efficiency and delightfulness. It is normal to feel that so as to have a door with glass, you must surrender security. On the other hand, this is not the situation, today’s glass doors are planned because of each of the three characteristics.


Insulating glass serves to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter. Some normal features of this sort of glass are that it forestalls blurring of interior furniture and decreases buildup. It additionally gives preferable obvious light transmittance over tinted glass. Insulated glass is made by tightly sealing two or more sheets of glass together with a space of 6mm to 12mm of dry air in the middle of the sheets.


Textured glass is favored by the individuals who need light to enter the home without giving a clear perspective of the interior to strangers. Textured glass comes in numerous styles, for example iced, glazed, swell, gotta, reed, weave, sloped and water glass.


Glass could be tinted to lessen full sunlight, heat and blurring of interior furniture. For the individuals who wish color yet might want to darken an on-lookers see, rococo glass might possess all the necessary qualities. Extravagant is a swirling of color inside the glass, making an undulated or marbleized impact.


Prism glass is engineering glass that redirects light through refraction and reflection. It is transparent with a decorative outline of crystal formed ribs that reflect light and color in numerous bearings.

Bullet Proof

Bullet proof glass is made with numerous layers of laminate and plate glass shaped together. This sort of glass breaks upon effect yet won’t destroy.


Frosted glass is regularly accessible in three styles: pinhead, sandblasted and harsh corrosive scratched. Pinhead glass is additionally called punctured glass. Openings in the glass are made with a roller to process light diffusion.


Stained glass is a blending of any sort or style of glass and lead. A configuration is made using distinctive sorts or colors of glass that are cut into pieces that will make up the outline. The pieces are then edged with copper thwart. All the pieces are laid out as per the configuration and patched together with a welding wand and weld of a tin/lead composite.

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