How to Paint a Fiberglass Entry Door

How to Paint a Fiberglass Entry Door

Doors made of fiberglass have numerous points of interest. They won’t twist, break, part, or decay like wood. In addition, fiberglass doors give more insulation for your home than generally wood doors, which is a plus in climates that have hot and frosty seasons. High caliber fiberglass doors can copy the look of wood and could be come in distinctive styles and sizes. Just like wood doors, you can paint a fiberglass door to add your wanted look to your entryway.

Prepare Your Fiberglass Entry Door for Painting

  1. Remove the door off its pivots. This is not vital, however it will make this occupation a great deal less demanding. Place it on two sawhorses to paint.
  2. Clean the door. You can’t paint over a grimy door as the paint won’t follow properly and peeling may happen. In the event that the door is truly messy, clean it first with warm water and a cloth to remove the introductory mess. At that point use a cloth and mineral spirits or ch3)2co to altogether clean your fiberglass door and permit it to dry. At last, use a warm foamy water (mellow cleanser) to wash your door.
  3. Put painter’s tape on anything you would prefer not to paint, for example glass panels. Remove any hardware and climate stripping or use painter’s tape on these parts simultaneously.
  4. Pick a non-windy and non-moist day to paint. This will forestall your door from getting grimy throughout the painting process and consider a speedier drying time.

Paint Your Fiberglass Entry Door

  1. Buy your first stage and paint. Use 100% acrylic water-based latex preparation to prime your door and 100% acrylic water-based latex exterior paint to paint your doors. You might wish to pick a first stage that is a couple of shades lighter than your topcoat, particularly assuming that you are painting it a dull color.
  2. Prime your fiberglass entry door. Begin with each of the panels and take after the grains of the door while painting and paint equally. Use a manufactured abound brush that is 2 1/2 to 4 inches wide.
  3. Paint your fiberglass entry door. In the wake of permitting your first stage to dry consistent with production headings, paint your door with your exterior latex paint. Likewise with the preparation, begin with the panels and accompany the grain of the door.
  4. Permit your paint to dry no less than 24 hours.
  5. Put all your hardware and climate stripping once more on. Notwithstanding, assuming that you can hold up a week to return these on the better since it will permit the door to completely cure and solidify.

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