How to Change Glass on a Front Door

How to Change Glass on a Front Door

Sometime or another in time it may be essential to change the glass window of your front door. You might need to replace the existing glass door window because it is broken, slightly split, antiquated, revolting, or not energy efficient. Whatever the excuse for why, reglazing a window does not mean you need to contract a jack of all trades. You can save cash and replace the glass of a front door window yourself.

Remove the Old Window

  1. Apply covering tape to the window glass. Crisscross generous measures of tape over the surface of both sides of the glass pane. In the event that the window happens to break, the covering tape can avoid the glass from flying all over the place or causing harm.
  2. Put on a couple of overwhelming obligation work gloves and safety glasses.
  3. Use a putty knife to slice through the existing paint and caulking that seal the glass and window frame. A corner of the putty knife sharpened steel can slice through the glazing. You can apply mineral spirits to the caulking to relax it if fundamental.
  4. Use the putty knife to remove the sum of the old glazing material and slacken the minor, metal glazing focuses. Remove the glazing focuses. The glazing focuses are spotted between the window frame and the glass.
  5. Deliberately lift the glass pane from the window frame. Set the glass on a level surface. Use a measuring tape to measure the thickness of the glass. Store the window pane in a safe region or discard it. Don’t drop the glass into a junk can. The glass can destroy and fly upwards, causing harm.

Readiness for New Window

  1. Use a measuring tape to measure the stature and width of the window opening. Subtract 1/8 of an inch from the length and width. The additional room makes it less demanding to install the new window safely. The new glazing and glazing focuses hold the pane in place.
  2. Buy replacement window glass and glazing focuses.
  3. Use a caulking weapon to apply crisp glazing compound to the hole in the door window frame. Use the level side of a putty knife to press the glazing compound into the hole.


  1. Set the replacement window glass into the opening. Have an assistant hold the pane in place from the inverse side of the door.
  2. Slide metal glazing focuses between the replacement glass pane and the window frame. Space the focuses 5 inches separated encompassing the glass. Place focuses shut one another in the corners.
  3. Apply an alternate layer of glazing compound encompassing the edges of the glass window. Remember to completely cover the glazing focuses. Use the putty knife to wedge them further into the crevice if vital. Press the compound immovably into place with the even edge of a putty knife.
  4. Use a soggy material to clean abundance glazing compound from the new window and window frame. Pour a minor measure of mineral spirits on a clean fabric if the glazing compound has started to solidify. Abstain from applying force to the recently set door window.

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